Founding SD chapter member Betty Gillies, with other original 99s Amelia Earhart, Frances Marsalis & Elvery Kalep. 1933


San Diego Chapter of "The Ninety-Nines", Inc

                       International Organization of Women Pilots

Welcoming our new 2021-2022 Chapter Board of Directors

The members of the San Diego Chapter are student pilots to Airline Transport Pilots. As female aviators we all share a common interest and accomplishment- Flight! We are always looking for women who want to enjoy the company of like minds and support our aviation community.

Active in local aviation, our activities include: flying events, Flying Companion Seminars, air races, and painting airmarkings for navigation. We encourage the public interest in flying and promote awareness of women's aerospace contributions. As supporters of women in aviation and the aviation community, our goal is to unite women pilots and act as mentors to women who are obtaining their pilots licenses. We also give scholarships for flight training advancement. After a year of membership, a 99 qualifies to apply for an Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship that will pay the cost of an entire pilot certificate or rating.
Student pilots are always welcome too! We are here to help YOU. Today's students are tomorrows pilots. Friendship, support and encouragement (and scholarships!) are what we have to offer. You can also participate in all 99s events supporting general aviation while still a student. Please bring your enthusiasm and love of flight. No experience necessary.

The  "Ninety-Nines" are women pilots who came together in 1929 and formed a sisterhood for the mutual support and the advancement of women in aviation. Named after the original number of charter members, the "Ninety-Nines"  has grown to almost 5,000 members from 35 countries. Virtually all female pilots of achievement have been 99s, including: Amelia Earhart (who was our 1st President), Jackie Cochran, "Pancho" Barnes, air racer Louise Thaden, the San Diego 99s own founding aviatrixes Woman Air Force Service Pilot Betty Gillies and record setter/barnstormer Bobbi Trout, along with current members like Space Shuttle Commander Eileen Collins, airshow pilot Julie Clark and World Aerobatic Champion Patty Wagstaff.