Jill Baker Morris

CFI Single engine airplane
CFI Multi engine airplane
Instrument instructor

eMail Jill- flyindreamz@aol.com

Krystene Zehnder

CFI Single Engine airplane
CFII Instrument Airplane
MEL Airplane
Advanced Ground Instructor
Teaches with
Pacific Coast Flyers/KCRQ
Golden Wings Flying Club/KMYF

eMail Krystene- kryszehn@gmail.com  

Gina Gandolfi

CFI Single Engine airplane
CFII Instrument Airplane

eMail Gina - av8trix11@gmail.com

Claudette DeCourley

CFI Single Engine airplane
CFI Instrument Airplane
Freelance instruction at MYF, SEE, CRQ & SDM via flying clubs.

eMail Claudette - claudettedecourley@yahoo.com

San Diego Chapter of "The Ninety-Nines", Inc

                       International Organization of Women Pilots

Tori Peck

CFI Single Engine airplane
Teaches with:
Plus One Flyers/KCRQ & KMYF

eMail - Tori.Peck@hotmail.com

Ninety-Nines Flight Instructors

Looking for a CFI? Need a Biennial Flight Review? Want to get an additional Certificate or Rating?

Contact one of these SD99 flight instructors-

Sam O'Brien

CFI Single Engine airplane
CFII Instrument Airplane
Teaches with
Plus One Flyers/KMYF. Available 7 days a week. C150,C152,C172,C172RG, Ercoupe, PA28, DA40, G1000. Former Flying Team Competitor and MT SAC graduate.

eMail Sam- samobrien7@yahoo.com