Calendar of Events

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Throughout the year the San Diego Ninety-Nines also participate in other aviation events, assist and attend AOPA or FAA safety briefings and hold Flying Companion Seminars.

San Diego Chapter of "The Ninety-Nines", Inc

                       International Organization of Women Pilots

✈ Mar 1st - Annual Nancy Stratford Student Pilot Flight Scholarship application deadline

 Apr 1st - Annual Spring Fly Now student pilot scholarship application deadline

✈ May 3rd@ 8:30am - The Los Gatos Southwest Section events have been called off due to COVID-19. A Virtual Spring Southwest Section Business Meeting will be held held via Zoom instead. Details in the OMNI and to Southwest Section member emails.

✈ May 13th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting (Voting Deadline)

✈ May 16th @ 10am - Tentative Chapter Meeting if Safe At Home restrictions are lifted. (Election Results Announced)

✈ May 31st - Annual Marian Delano Flight Scholarshipapplication deadline

June 10th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

June 20th @ 10am - Chapter Meeting

✈ Jun 30th - Annual Dottie Sanders Flight Scholarship application deadline

✈ July - Summer break. No BOD Meeting or Chapter Meeting

July 8 - 12, 2020 - International Conference, onboard the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

August 12th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

August 15th @ 10am - Chapter Meeting

✈ August 31st - Darlene Kelly / Sylvia Paoli Advanced Rating Scholarships deadline

✈ September 9th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

✈ September 24th - 27th - Miramar Airshow, stop by our booth!

✈ Oct 1st - Annual Fall Fly Now student pilot scholarship application deadline

✈ Oct 3rd​ - Ramona Airfare & Fly-In

Oct 10 to 12th - Fall Southwest Section Meeting in Tucson, AZ

Oct 14th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

Oct 17th - Annual Fundraiser

Nov 11th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

Nov 21st @ 10am - Chapter Meeting

Dec 9th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting

Dec 12th - Holiday Party TBD

Spring 2021 - International Conference in Amman, Jordan

*General Meetings are most often held at Gillespie Field (KSEE) -High Performance Aircraft is located at 1850 Joe Crosson Drive, El Cajon and the Airport Administration Building at 1960 Joe Crosson Drive. Look for the 99s signs as they will be posted near the event! Chapter Board of Director meetings usually start at 5:30pm on the second Wednesday of every month. Only members may attend BOD meetings.