San Diego Chapter of "The Ninety-Nines", Inc

                       International Organization of Women Pilots

Throughout the year the San Diego Ninety-Nines also participate in other aviation events, assist and attend AOPA or FAA safety briefings and hold Flying Companion Seminars.

Calendar of Events

✈ Jan 25th  - The SWS Winter Workshop, hosted by the Antelope Valley Chapter

✈ Feb 12th @ 5:30pm - BOD Meeting, KMYF below Casa Machado Restaurant

 Feb 22nd @ 10am - General Chapter Meeting, KSEE 

✈ Mar 1st - Annual Nancy Stratford Flight Scholarship app application deadline

 Apr 1st - Annual Spring Fly Now student pilot scholarship application deadline

✈ Apr 30th - The SWS Spring Meeting, Santa Clara Valley

✈ May 31st - Annual Marian Delano Flight Scholarship app application deadline

✈ Jun 30th - Annual Dottie Sanders Flight Scholarship app application deadline

July 8 - 12, 2020 - International Conference, onboard the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

✈ Oct 1st - Annual Fall Fly Now student pilot scholarship application deadline 

Summer 2021 - International Conference, Amman, Jordan

*General Meetings are most often held at various locations on Gillespie Field (KSEE). Look for the 99s signs as they will be posted near the event! Chapter Board of Director usually meet at 5:30pm the second Wednesday of every month. Only members may attend BOD meetings.